About Our Services:

Our services include the repossession of: Automobiles, Trucks, Trailers, Recreational Vehicles, Watercraft, Livestock.

  • After hours and weekend monitoring of phones, email, RDN, etc.
  • A full time, in house skip tracer, to help locate your debtor and collateral
  • We will release your collateral to an auto auction or we can transport it to a local auction for a minimal fee.
  • We have a trained locksmith who can make almost any key, even the newest laser cuts and transponders.
  • We can front most fees on your behalf, at no additional cost should your collateral be impounded.
  • We have a close relationship to local, reputable wholesale car buyers, if you need us to take bids on your collateral.
  • We have a 1 million dollar bond and carry 3 million dollars in liability insurance, which includes wrongful repossession by an “A” rated company.
  • Our entire staff is covered under a workman’s compensation insurance plan as well.

Our 3 acre secure storage lot is protected by an 8 foot privacy fence, topped with 2 feet of barbed wire and razor wire with guardrail inside. Activity is monitored and recorded using audio and video surveillance and our building is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.